Madam Beverline Manjeri,
JFC Munene College of Health Sciences

Welcome to JFC Munene College of Health Sciences.
You have come to the right place in pursuit for more knowledge, we promise to transform you into better individual as we mold you into the career of your choice. Our environment and team is well suited and prepared to ensure we provide you with a variety of experiences during your stay at JFC Munene College of Health Sciences.

JFC Munene college has fully embraced the competency based-curriculum where our approach to training is skills based, all our programs are hands on and our students spend most of their time in the laboratory and workshops for their practical.

Quality is our definition in every aspect of training, right from selection and admission of students, training and practice, research and innovation. We also involve our students in community service. Every student must participate in community service programs where they give services to the community. This goes a long way to train our graduates on the values of volunteerism and service as opposed to employment for money. This program has assisted in bringing the best out of our graduates and inspired some of them to start community-based organizations that are assisting their communities.

At JFC Munene college we uphold high integrity for both staff and students, therefore our emphasis on discipline is unrelenting. while students have their own space but with requisite checks and balances.

The office of the registrar implements college policies and procedures. The office’s mission is to ensure the overall college mission is achieved which is to train knowledgeable, skilled, capable and compassionate health professions who provide value-based and patient centered care in their communities.

JFC MUNENE COLLEGE OGF HEALTH SCIENCES -Knowledge with a mission!!!!