Department of Human Nutrition (Nutrition & Dietetics)

Is a course whose objective is to equip the trainees with relevant knowledge, skills, attitudes and experiences that will enable them to contribute to the improvement of health care using nutrition and dietetics.

Skills obtained from studying Dietetics and Nutrition

  • Counsel patients on nutrition issues and healthy eating habits.
  • Develop meal and nutrition plans, taking both clients preferences and budgets into account.
  • Evaluate the effects of meal plans.
  • Create educational materials about healthy food choices.
  • Contribute to the latest food and nutritional science research.

Career Opportunities

  • Clinical dietitian.
  • Community dietitian.
  • Research dietitian.
  • Dietetic educator.
  • Sports or wellness nutrition.
  • Public health nutrition.
  • Nutrition and research education.

Course Requirements

  • Certificate, Mean Grade D Plain. Duration: 6 Trimesters
  • Diploma, Mean Grade C-. Duration: 9 Trimesters