Department of Health Sciences (Community Health & Development & HIV AIDS Management)

This course is aimed at producing a health worker who is capable of addressing health issues on a bottom-up approach like from community to global perspective and critically analyze the related health problems with a view of proposing possible solutions.

Skills Obtained from Studying Community Health and HIV/ AIDS Management

  • They will be able to participate in the management of community health and HIV/AIDS projects.
  • Appreciate the role of community organization in community and health and HIV/AIDS management.
  • Promoting ethical practices and integrate gender in community development.
    Appreciating the role of communication in the community.
  • The students will gain self-entrepreneurial skills in national development.
    They will also understand the role of HIV/AIDS in the development of the organization goals.
  • Understand the global trends in HIV/AIDS and situations.
    They will also be able to demonstrate an understanding of innovative ways of being self-reliant.

Career Opportunities

  • Health worker.
  • Social worker.
  • Working in hospitals, NGOs, Clinics.

Course Requirements

  • Certificate, Mean Grade D Plain. Duration: 4 Trimesters
  • Diploma, Mean Grade C-. Duration: 6 Trimesters