Unlock the Power of Nutrition
With Focus on Chemical and Biological Concentrations


A program that focuses on chemical and biological experiences that cover various applications in biology, biochemical, water, environment, forensic, petrochemical, and agricultural sciences areas.

Skills obtained from this course

    • Use of biological tools, chemistry tools and physics tools correctly in techniques including understanding the routines of an industrial laboratory.
    • Prepare accurate laboratory reports as well as laboratory record work.
    • Understanding the general ecological interrelationships of organisms.
    • Understanding plants, animals in terms of their care breeding, diseases affecting them.

Career Prospects

Career prospects after studying Science Laboratory Technology can be found in the following fields:

    • Pathologist.
    • Laboratory technician.
    • Chemical technician.
    • Clinical laboratory scientist.
    • Nuclear medicine technologist.

Course Requirements

The following are the minimum requirements for one to pursue this course

    • Certificate level” Mean Grade of D+ (plus)
    • Diploma Level: Mean grade of C- (minus)