Mr. Renox Onyango,
JFC Munene College of Health Sciences

JFC Munene College of Health Sciences, welcomes you to have an experience like never before. We will expose you to diverse ideas as you interact with different cultures and technology. We have a serene environment for learning. Located at the heart of Thika Town, we offer accessibility to education and our tuition fees is moderate and affordable.

By Joining JFC Munene college of Health Sciences, you will open massive opportunities to experience and interact with a competency-based curriculum. We emphasize more on the need to gain skills practically as you go through your program. We have very brilliant and competent members of staff who are always willing to assist students in their academic journey.  

Quality is our definition in every aspect of training, right from selection and admission of students, training and practice, research and innovation. We also involve our students in community service. Every student must participate in community service programs where they give services to the community. This goes a long way to train our graduates on the values of volunteerism and service as opposed to employment for money. This program has assisted in bringing the best out of our graduates and inspired some of them to start community-based organizations that are assisting their communities. 

We will assist and support you to achieve your academic, personal and career goals by creating an excellent atmosphere that enables learning and student’s development. We will work with you, walk with you and hold you to your career end. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a variety of experiences during your stay at JFC Munene College of Health Sciences. 

We look forward to welcoming you to JFC Munene College of Health Sciences.

Knowledge with a mission