Department of Health Sciences (Community Health & Development)

Is a program to equip social development work trainees with the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes and experiences that will enable them to participate effectively in implementation of national social development policies?

Skills Acquired in Community Health and Development

  • Professional research skills.
  • Health communication skills.
  • Ability to advocate for local health.
  • Ability to provide counselling support and follow-ups
  • Project management.

Career Opportunities

  • Peer counsellor.
  • Health interpreter.
  • Community health worker.
  • Health coach.
  • Family advocate.

Course Requirements

  • Craft, Mean Grade D-. Duration: 2 Trimesters
  • Certificate, Mean Grade D Plain.  Duration: 3 Trimesters
  • Diploma, Mean Grade C-. Duration: 6 Trimesters