Department of Appied Sciences (Applied Biology)

A course aimed at providing the trainee with knowledge and skills in biological process and their application. The course makes the trainee aware often the interrelationship between organisms in nature and the modern manipulation of micro-organisms in the developing industrial world.

Skills Obtained from Studying Applied Biology

  • Physiological applications on living organisms
  • Understanding the routines of a medical and industrial micro-biological laboratory.
  • Mastering of parasitological and immunological techniques in a laboratory.
  • Observe safety measures in a laboratory.
  • Prepare accurate laboratory reports as well as supervisory laboratory work.
  • Apply acquired knowledge and skills in performing various biological techniques including application of drugs in diagnosis and caring of certain diseases.

Course Requirements

  • Drug and pharmaceutical research.
  • Public funded laboratories.
  • Environmental control.
  • Food processing.
  • Bioprocessing industries.

Course Requirements

  • Diploma, mean grade C-. Duration 6 Trimester

Career Prospects in Applied Biology

  • Lab technicians.
  • Science teachers.
  • Field biology.
  • Technical writers
  • Pharmaceutical sales representatives.